To start, students will need to watch the movies.

You could do this as an entire class: a warm up at the beginning of a class period, as an introduction to a particular lesson, a way to wrap up a class that has its primary work finished, or as a way to break up a 2nd or 3rd day of data collection with something different.


Or simply assign the movies to be watched outside of class time.


We've written a one-page question sheet for each movie, which should help provide structure to the experience of watching each movie.


We've identified 4 of the movies which we think are particularly relevant to OBOS:

Chris: invention, hardware, and engineering

Dana: open pancreas, communications, sensing and using proxy variables

Monish: data organization and interpretation

Amy: geology and geography education and communication


We made the movies to provide a platform for discussion and reflection. There's a infinite number of ways to structure classroom discussion, and we offer just a few ways that have worked for us.


In OBOS content, here are the “BIG PICTURE” questions we think are worth asking students that we have incorporated into the video questions handouts:

Who is interested in this problem?

What kinds of jobs and careers are involved with this problem?

What education and work experiences are involved with this problem?

Do I have skills and interests that could be involved with this problem?

What am I interested in? How could I pursue that interest? 

How can I make myself ready for a job that might not even exist right now?

For each of the videos, discussion can build on:

What education does this person have?

Did their long-ago plans lead directly to the job they have now?

What kinds of education are students getting that looks like it might not be directly related to a job?

How does a young person's interests lead to a career?

How is this person a “Systems Thinker'?

How does “Systems Thinking”  add to their ability to contribute?


Some ways you might structure discussion around any of the videos:

Quick one question writing prompt, 5 minute writing & share to class.

Group/table 3 minute brainstorm on one question, share to class.

What questions would like to ask this person? Role play an interview.

What do you picture doing 10 years from now? Would this person be useful on your team? Role play a development committee, in charge of company strategy & expansion.

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