Class: 16 | Genetics

Main Theme: DNA is underlying information storage and hereditary unit of life on Earth. Learning Objectives Conceptualize genetic diversity & its relationship to DNA, RNA & proteins Examine genetic and species diversity Recognize gene variability through alleles Define heterozygous, homozygous & epigenetics and their influence on genotype & phenotype Predict inherited genotypes and phenotypes with […]

Class: 17 | Genetically Modified Organisms

Main Theme: Natural selection, artificial selection, genetic modification & cloning all result in same thing –desired or most fit phenotypes, but the processes are different and have different ethical considerations. Learning Objectives Predict offspring phenotypes & genotypes Differentiate between natural selection, artificial selection & genetic modification & cloning Appreciate benefits of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) Clarify concerns […]

Aquaponics – Introduction

Introduction A human crisis of unprecedented proportions is in the making. Diminishing arable land, water shortage, and expected population growth to 10 billion portend a catastrophic food security crisis by 2030. This threat requires a dramatic reduction of the environmental footprint of agricultural practices. A paradigm shift to the food supply chain is necessary to […]