Career Thread Introduction

Teachers: We hope you have enjoyed teaching with our modules. We’ve begun to develop a parallel curriculum to introduce students using our science modules to real people in careers that correspond to the tasks in the lessons. Research shows that career education embedded into science content curriculum is more effective than career education presented apart […]

Career Thread Overview

Within each OBOS lesson, there are outlines of career-connected activities that can be incorporated into the lesson. Below you will find the each of the activities compiled for the entire module. Choose an activity based on the time you have available, and modify them based on your class’ needs. OBOS Lessons Parallel Career Thread Activity […]

Community Meeting Role Play

Career Connection Culminating Activity To conclude the career activities of the Observing Beyond our Senses module, we suggest students role play a “Town Hall” community meeting. Students should have learned enough content and done enough guided interview work to be able to stage a “Town Hall.”  A Town Hall is a community meeting attended by […]