Lesson FS6: Where Does Our Food Come From?


How does our food get from farm to table and what resources are required to get it there? In this activity, students will play a game to produce pizza. While the game uses economics as a driving force to model food production, students must use a systems thinking approach to strategize and make decisions. Various food production techniques can be utilized, each with their own costs and benefits; therefore, students will need to make a series of decisions to grow crops while also considering the impact they impart on the environment. Weighing economic interests against resource use and environmental consequences can be challenging! Students also learn to adapt their food systems in the face of environmental catastrophes and will gain understanding of how agriculture and food production is a system. Many factors (social, environmental, economic, etc) impact that system; however, some of these variables are not included due to time constraints.


Please use this link to access the most up-to-date version of our Food Security Curriculum Module (last updated 03/05/2018) which is currently being field-tested. If you would like to field test these lessons, please email us at see@systemsbiology.org.

This lesson follows the FS Pre/post-assessmentLesson FS1 Lesson FS2, the APPLICATION 1, Lesson FS3, Lesson FS4, and Lesson FS5. Please consider sending electronic versions of any student work to see@systemsbiology.org.


For your convenience, the following are quick links to the resources required for Lesson FS6. Links to these resources can also be found in the Lesson FS6 document.

The following are resources attached to the end of the Lesson FS6 document:

  • Student Game Rules
  • Game Board
  • Game Cards
  • Global Fund Dollars
  • Student Resource Tracker
  • Student Game Analysis



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